Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another Unsatisfied Customer

Update: 10/03/09

I decided that I would update in this post, as opposed to the comment section. Shockingly, I am quite satisfied, all things considered.

I received a call this morning around 10 a.m. I was included in a conference call with the district manager and the store manager. The district manager asked me again to clarify what had happened. I told him and he told me he said he very sorry I had to go through this, that it should never have happened. The store manager said she should have given me back my coupons immediately, that it would have been no problem for her to go to that register and retrieve my coupons so that I could repurchase the cereal and she should have done so. He also said he was going to look into this matter and take action (we shall see). He told me he has only been the store manager at this store for 3 months and that this store does the Double Coupon promotion the most in our region and that they deal with Double Coupons on an almost daily basis and she should have been more obliging. They said they were sending me a $25 Gift card in hopes that I will give them another chance. I told them I would still be hard pressed to come to this store but was very happy with the prompt way they were handling this problem. The store manager told me that if I EVER had a problem like this again, to ask for a manager and they would fix my problem on the spot and apologized several more times. Thank you Kmart. I may just visit this store again.

I completely forgot to mention when I did my Kmart shopping yesterday that my coworker who was with me accidentally only bought 4 boxes of the Kellogg's cereal instead of 5. I went to the front desk and received the same rude non-satisfactory B.S. that you always get from Kmart. I wrote them tonight, acting like it was me this happened to and I hope she saved her receipt (I'll call her tomorrow). I will NEVER shop at the Kmart on Rt. 60 in Huntington W.V. again. I have said it before and I say it again. Only this time I am sticking to my guns. They do not deserve my business. I will happily go elsewhere.

If they do not rectify this issue, I am going to write Kellogg's Corporation next. I will give them 5 business days to reply. Below is a copy of the email I sent tonight.

To whom it may concern,

I ventured into your Kmart store (5636 Us Route 60 E Huntington, WV25705) on Wednesday 9/30/09 around 12:30 p.m. I checked out around2:00 p.m. and I thought I paid a bit more for my purchases than I should have. I wanted to get in on the Kelloggs Special K deal. Buy 5boxes, get $5 off instantly at checkout. I accidentally bought only four boxes.

Before leaving the store I went to the CS counter and explained to the CS rep what I had done. I asked her if there was anyway that I could purchase another box of the cereal and get the $5. She said "No, it has to be 5 in a single transaction". I said, "Yes ma'am. I understand that so, could I return these items and get my coupons back and repurchase them?" She said, "I can give you the money back, minus the doubled coupon price." I told her "that would be fine but could I get my coupons back so that I can repurchase them?" Her reply, "No, it doesn't work that way." I asked her if I did return them and she would not give me back my coupons, would they still turn them into Kelloggs for the reimbursement?" She said, "I'm sorry I can't help you."

End of conversation. She just stood there and I left.

My local Kmart (45680) is scheduled to close soon and I will never make a repeat mistake of driving 20 minutes to visit this store. The customer service you receive here is deplorable at best.

I have had a somewhat similar problem at this particular store one other time. I actually put it up on my blog. You can see that here.

I swore then I would not visit this store again and this instance confirms I was correct the first time. I did not get the name of the CS rep who so willingly "helped" me but she was in her 50's, with a medium build, with short blonde hair about 5'9.

The customer service is abominable and I hate to be rude and make such a crass statement as "No wonder they are going under" because I truly wish it were not so. I hate to see what Big Business and the economy is doing to others. It truly saddens me.

I use to blog about Kmart and the deals I would find there. As my local store is closing and this store is completely unsatisfactory, I will no longer be able to help promote your business and I do so hope you rectify the problems with your customer service for future shoppers sakes.

Thank you for taking the time to read,

Signed my name and email addy.

We shall see. I am not holding my breath. The people I am complaining to are probably trained by the same incompetent non caring big business rapists that train the lower management.

Shame on you Kmart. Hire people with manners and people skills!
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