Monday, January 12, 2009

Kmart Super Doubles 01/12/09

I told you here about Kmart Super Double Coupons and how the South Point store blundered and disappointed me. Anyways, I went to the Rt. 60 Kmart today a little before 1 p.m., because I was assured by the South Point store that Rt.60 was participating this week. I walk in and immediately go to the service desk to inquire if they were doing the Super Doubles, as there was no sign on the front door. Several cashiers assured me they were participating but it was only for certain items. WHAT? They told me to read one of the signs posted by the products. I did and it was the same sign as always. Double Manufacturer Coupons up to and including $2. Not to exceed the retail price of the item, 4 same item limit, 1 coupon per item. 25 coupon limit per transacation.
Nothing mentioned about "certain items" and these signs were plastered all over the isles of food and toiletries. Okay, same as last time I thought. Let's shop. I won't list everything I bought, nor the coupons I used since it is all for naught anyways.
I finish my shopping. The cashier rings me up. I hand her my coupons and notice that NONE of them are doubling. I mention this to the cashier and she told me to read the rules. Again, I argue and she told me to take my receipt to Debbie at customer service and take it up with her. I used 27 coupons (totaling $34.00) on 32 items and paid the cashier $43.07. I took my receipt to the front desk and showed Debbie (her name tag stated "front desk manager") my receipt and that NONE of my coupons doubled. She told me that I could not get the Kellogg's cereal for $0.50 because the rules stated that the coupon amount could not exceed the price. How is my paying $0.50 exceeding the price? Anyways, we "talked it out" and she finally got on my side of the fence and called another manager, who was in the back and he told her they too had been pulled from the promotion. LMAO!!! I told her "# 1) take your signs down. #2) I want to return everything I just bought AND I want ALL my coupons back and #3) I had to be in C.K. in 40 minutes!" Debbie must have thought I was about to go postal, because she told me I needed to get my blood pressure checked (really, she and she would make everything right and she did. I give her credit for that! She added all my coupons up and gave me the cash back. Which was $30 ( one was a $4 that I pointed out didn't double). So, kudos to Debbie. BOO and 2 thumbs down to Rt.60 Kmart. May it be an experience I shall never repeat.
I have never been to the Kmart on Rt. 60 before and I was suprised to see it was much dirtier (as in skank) than the South Point store. I added the picture above because they actually bagged my items in trash bags! I suppose these "self ordering" stores forget to order carry out bags at times! All in all, I don't think I will make a repeat trip to this Kmart, ever!
What are the 3 major components to running a huge corporation?
1) Organization- this is key Kmart. If no one knows what is going on then the whole structure falls apart, including your client base.
2) Competitive pricing- there is nothing to be said here other than you fail and you know this.
3) Good Customer Service - Both the South Point store and Rt. 60 have deplorable employees. Very disapponting indeed! They are rude and treat you like dirt. I have had several issues with the South Point store. Again, I was very pleased with Debbie (Rt.60) and hope she soon wisens up to the inevitable downfall of Kmart and finds herself a management position at Walmart.
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