Sunday, November 1, 2009

Going Back To Basics

I decided to dedicate a few minutes in between each chore to blogging about Coupons and how to get started and also go over a little terminology. Hopefully, I will be satisified with it enough it will be an update to my first post on TriStateSaver, Getting Started.


I first used a junk email addy to sign up manufactures newsletters. I sign up when someone leaves a link to a new program or if you have to go to their site to get a coupon, why not sign up for the newsletter too. They will send you many printable coupons. But, I now find that my junk email addy is the one I use and check most. I do typically get 30 emails a day BUT 1/2 of those are from Contract Companies I work with. I typically get 5 to 8 emails from newsletters a day. Sometimes they have printable coupons, sometimes they don't but it's well worth the effort. If you do get a junk mail addy, I suggest Gmail from Google but to each his own.


You've read Dee and I bantering back and forth about sharing/trading coupons. I first met Dee after she asked me on a freebie board where my location was and found out she is just 15 minutes away. We now share coupons, tips and deals to maximize our savings. I also got a friend from work into couponing and we go to Kroger (while at work) together on a faithful basis. She snags lots of coupons I otherwise wouldn't have because she lives near PicNSave. So, speak up. Share your deals, get others excited and share/trade coupons.

Where to get great coupons:

I get coupons from all kinds of places. I typically buy 5 newspapers on Sunday. Sometimes less but never more. 5 will have to do for us. Watch what paper you buy. The small town papers will not have as many inserts as the bigger papers. Ironton Tribune sucks and I never waste my money on it.

The All You Magazine is a definite MUST have. It is always full of useful coupons. It is sold only at WalMart for about $2.40 a copy or by subscription. I just signed up for a 2 year Subscription for $20. SUPER CHEAP, from a school fund raiser.

I watch out for all the SmartSource Machine coupons (you see these mainly at Kroger). Those can be used anywhere.

I also grab peelies I find at gas stations. As long as they begin with the number 5 they too can be used anywhere, because they are a manufacturers coupon.

Sometimes, I buy coupons on ebay. Dee has a couple of places she likes to buy from and can share those in the comments section ;) I 've asked her a couple of times but can never seem to trace down where I kept or deleted them or maybe it's just laziness to go look?

I use alot of printables. Search for them if you have to. If you see an item on sale google the product coupon (ie. Dole Fruit Coupon and voila here you have it, play a quick game and score free Dole Fruit at Kroger this week). Get printables from ,, and ofcourse manufacturers websites.

Don't be afraid to write companies and ask for coupons. I have gotten many valuable and free item coupons this way. You can read more about that and what coupons I've received here.

Don't pay attention to a coupon that says "Do Not Double or Triple". Most printables say this but Kroger will double ALL coupons $0.50 and under. They are willing to do this for you as a valuable customer and double them anyways.

Rewards Cards:

If you frequent a store and they offer a rewards card, SIGN UP!

I didn't even have a Speedy Rewards card until recently. I stop at that gas station at least twice a week on my way to or from work. Gum, coffee, gas, whatever. Why not cash in on it? Speedway offers 1000 bonus points for every $50 you put on a gift card. I put $50/week on my card and have started using it more often for quick gum stops, coffee, gas and now my Sunday papers. 5 papers cost $5.98 and I receive 150 bonus points. I have already accumulated 12,000 points and started a little more than a month ago. You can cash those in for all kinds of goodies! But I am going to let mine accumulate for rainy days, maybe.

A must have, CVS ExtraCare Rewards Card. Every time you use your card you get 2% cash back, which will print out every 3 months as a $ off coupon on your next purchase,use it the same as cash. I don't receive very much, typically $3 to $5, because I coupon and go mostly for the free or very cheap goods.You can also add your CVS card to your UPromise account, put "coupons" on your card and when you purchase the item, instead of getting "cents off" your total, it gets deposited into the Upromise savings account.

Big Lots has a new BuzzClub Rewards program. They don't accept coupons but if it's a place you frequent and see needing cheap furniture in your future, make sure you pick up a card.

I use my Kroger Plus Card at least once a week. Sometimes 2 or 3. The most beneficial thing being the sales but I also accumulate many fule saver points, which will get you $0.10 off per gallon for every $100 you spend. You don't actually pay the $100 ofcourse, that total counts before coupons!


Sign up for samples. Most times when you do this you can opt in for the newsletter at the same time. Many samples come with coupons!


You can add coupons to your Kroger Card when you register at P&GeSaver, Cellfire , Softcoin and Shortcuts.

Coupon Lingo I use Most Often:

SS - SmartSource

RP - Red Plum

P&G - Proctor & Gamble

V -Valassis

BOGO - Buy One Get One Free

B2G1 - Buy 2 Get 1 Free

$0.75/2, $1/1 etc. - $0.75 off 2 items & $1 off 1 item and so on

Cat - Catalina Coupon that prints when triggered by a specific purchase

ONYO - On Your Next Order (mainly coinsides w/ catalina coupons)

ECB - Extra Care Bucks, cash back to spend at CVS

RRs - Register Rewards, Walgreens Cash

WYB - When You Buy

FAR - Free After Rebate

OOP - Out of Pocket

MFR - Manufacturer

If you are in doubt as to your stores coupon policy. Ask. Some Krogers will double coupons up to $0.75 but none local to me. Yours may. Some stores allow you to stack one of their own store coupons with a manufacturer coupon. Such as CVS, Target and Walgreens.

Always check the insides of boxes before you throw them away. I found 2 B2G1 coupons for Kraft Easy mac Cups.

There are a few other tricks that I probably should not legally "teach". So, I won't. Not that I know any. I do however slip up sometimes and use a coupon for an item that was meant for another/larger sized item. I guess they were coded the same? NEVER EVER try to copy printable coupons or defraud them in any way! If you use printable coupons illegally you will ruin it for everyone and stores will no longer accept internet printables. Stay legal. $1 is not worth jail time.

Remember that saving takes time, how much time and saving is up to you.

Oh and "K" I do NOT visit CVS or Kroger on a daily basis. No matter WHAT Marvin tells ya! I go twice a week on average. Most times to 2 different stores a day, twice a week. Remember, I get paid to travel and be in the community while I am at work. I worked one day a week this summer and went to Kroger only once the entire summer. I went to Kroger once this past week and one time to Foodfair. I didn't step foot in Walgreens or CVS this week and got a boat load of groceries and spent less than $18 and that included 5 Sunday newspapers today.

If there is anything I forgot, Dee has my back...LOL. I'm tired and I picked up a couple extra shifts at work again this week. Saying no to extra shifts is equal to saying "No thanks boss, I don't want any extra money."

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