Saturday, July 9, 2011

Extreme Couponing TLC Style

I uploaded the above image from Ebay just a few short minutes ago. I wanted to prove a point.

A few of you have said,

"Christy, can you do like they do on that t.v. show Extreme Couponing on TLC"?

"Christy, how do these women get Tide and steaks with their groceries and still only pay pennies?"

I tell everyone the truth. That is television. If it didn't seem exciting, there would be no ratings; hence no t.v. show.

What they are NOT showing you is that in reality these people are paying for coupons on ebay. They are buying coupons that will give them overage ( which ofcourse is illegal and they don't tell you that part. ie: if something costs $1 and your coupon is for $2 off, if the cashier doesn't catch it or just approves it you get $1 credit toward the rest of your groceries.)

So, if you were going to be on national television and want to make the best impression, you could potentially go on ebay and buy 30 coupons for the $2 off Country time lemonade that are on sale for $1 and you just made $30 towards the rest of your groceries. BUT the little con artists didn't tell you they spent $30 on the coupons to begin with.

In the Mega Sale coming up at Kroger this week Vitamin Waters are $0.75 each. At the price above you would be paying $0.64 each anyways And the auction still has more than an hour left!

I happen to love Kroger. Kroger is the ONLY place I will buy my groceries. It's no secret how much I hate SkankMart. I haven't been in 7 months and I am never going back. I don't care if they are handing out money. I will not support them any more!

I just hope that in all this hype and b.s. these people don't ruin it for the rest of us. Kroger knows whats going on but these ladies walk in there with 1000 PAID for coupons and it's like a shock and awe war campaign! They get so confused they just give them the credit and these ladies walk out feeling proud of themselves for ripping Kroger off and fooling you too.

Kroger 7/9/2011

I had to work in Charleston this morning and had a bit of time to kill so, I stopped at Kroger in St. Albans (secretly hoping to score q's for the upcoming mega deal, no go) and did my first transaction.I did two more transactions today in Ashland. I wasn't going to but I just couldn't pass up the Coke deal. No pics, as I have put it all away.

1st transaction:

4 Country Time Lemonades $0.99 each. Used (4) $2 off Country Time Lemonade Peelies. Total Free

9 Cans Chef Boyardee Ravioli $0.69 each. Used (3) $0.50 off 3 printable. Total $0.27 each

2 Banquet Meals $0.69 each. Used (1) $0.50/2 printable. Total $0.18 each.

4 2ltr. Coke $0.89 each. Used (2) $2 off from tear pad. Total Free

1 Box Ritz Crackers $2.39

2 12pk. Minute Maid Fruit Punch $3 each. Used (2) $1.50 off from tear pad. Total $0.90 each

3 12pk. Cokes $3 each. One free in the 5 for $12. Used (3) $1.50 off rom tearpad. Total $0.90 each

3 Kraft Cheese $1.99. Used $1 off from tearpad. Total $1 each

I spent $14.18 on 28 items and received a $1 catalina for the Minute Maid 12 pks. I saved 82%.

2nd transaction:

17 Banquet Meals $0.68 each. Used (8) $0.50/2 printables from above. Total $0.18 each

10 2ltr. Coke products $0.89 each. Used (5) 42 off from tearpad. Total Free

2 Totino's Pizza Rolls $0.99 each. Used $0.40/2 printable. Total $0.60 each.

2 Hormel Compleats $1.99 each. Used BOGO free from tearpad. Total $0.99 each

9 cans Chef Boyardee Ravioli $0.69 each. Used (3) $0.50/3 printable from above. Total $0.27 each

2 Kraft Cheeses $1.99 each. Used $1 off from tearpad. Total $0.99 each

2 Minute Maid Fruit Punch 12pk. $3 each. Used (2) $1.50 off from tearpad. Total $0.90 each.

2 Minute Maid Lemonades 12pk. $3 each. Used (2) $1.50 off from tearpad. Total $0.90 each.

1 Coke 12pk. Free in the 5 for $12. Used $1.50 coupon from tearpad.

Used my $1 catalina from earlier and paid $15.35 on 47 items. I received a $3 catalina for the Minute Maid 12pks. I saved 84%.

3rd transaction:

10 2ltr. Coke products $0.89 each. Used (5) 42 off from tearpad. Total Free.

2 Degree Deodorants $1.70 each. Used (2) $1.50 off from tearpad. Total $0.20 each.

4 Banquet Frozen Meals $0.68 each. Used (2) $0.50/2 printable from above. Total $0.18 each

2 Hormel Compleats $1.99 each. Used BOGO free from tearpad. Total $0.99 each.

12 Cans Chef Boyardee Ravioli $0.69 each. Used (6) $0.50/3 printables from above. Total $0.27 each

4 Minute Maid Lemonade 12pks. $3 each. Used (4) $1.50 off from tearpad. Total $0.90 each.

1 Coke 12 pk. Free in 5 for $12 Deal. Use $1.50 from tearpad.

Used my $3 catalina from earlier and paid $12.59 on 35 items. I received another $3 catalina for purchasing the Minute Maid again. I saved 82%.

All in all I bought 110 items and spent $42.12. And have $3 in catalinas.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Kroger 7/4/2011

I did 2 seperate transactions. Too lazy to break it down. The Wisk was $1 for a 12 load size. I used the $2 off coupon found on bottles. Pepsi 6pks. were 5 for $10. I used (2) $1/2 found on bottles. Anyways, I got 92 items for $32.40. I averaged 85% savings! I even bought 3 items from the deli!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Kroger 7/2/2011

I did 5 Mega deals.

20 Chef Boyardee $0.69 each. Used (2) $3 off 10 from Pic N Save ad. Total $0.39 each.

5 Oscar Meyer Lunch Meats (1 lb. pk) 2.69 each. Used (1) $2 off 4 from Pic N Save ad and (1) Free coupon from VocalPoint mailer. There is a catalina deal on these also. Buy 3, get $2. Buy 4, get $3 and Buy 5, get $4. Total $1.75 each

3 Kraft BBQ Sauces $0.69 each. Used (3) $0.50 off from tearpad. Total FREE.

5 Country Time Lemonades & 3 KoolAid drink mixes $0.99 each. Used (8) $2 off Country Time Lemonade WYB 2 Kraft BBQ Sauces. Total FREE.

10 Banquet Frozen Meals. $0.68 each. Used (5) $0.50/2 printable here (use code 63829897). I was able to print this coupon 10 times. Be sure to hit your back button 3x's to keep printing it. Total $0.18 each.

4 Totino's Pizza Rolls $0.99 each. Used $0.40/2 printable here. Total $0.59 each.

1 Kraft Cheese Singles $2.69. Used $0.50 off from tearpad. Total $1.69

2 Hormel Completes $1.99 each. Used BOGO Free from tearpad. Total $0.99 each.

Non MegaDeals:

3 Minute Maid Lemonade/Fruit Punch $1 each. Used (3) $0.50/2 tearpad. Total $0.50 each.

5 Coke 12 pks. $12. Used (5) $1.50 from tearpad. Total $0.90 each.

2 Wisk Laundry Detergents BOGO Free (3.42 each). Used $2 off Q on bottle. Total 1.42 each.

5 Skittles & 5 Starburst $0.50 each. Used (5) $0.50/2 from tearpad. Total Free.

Now, mine are REAL LIFE deals. These are not "OMG. TLC is coming to film me, so I better go out and buy $400 worth of coupons on ebay to make myself look good." You won't find that here.

I spent $25.30 on 69 items and received a $4 catalina. That averages just $0.30 an item !!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kroger 05/25/10

I finally broke down and went to kroger yesterday. I wouldn't have made the effort if it weren't for the fact that we were out of beverage and Marv was hitting up the corner store and paying $1.59 for a 2 liter. UGG!!

3 packs OM hot dogs $1 each. I used $1/2 from Pic N Save ad and (1) $0.55 off Kroger mailer. Total $0.50 each

4 Nestle (24 ct.) Waters $2.99 each. I used (2) $1/2 printables here. Total $10 BUT I received a $5 catalina for purchasing 4, making them cost just $1.25 per case!!!!

4 Kroger Yogurts $0.40 each. I used a $0.50/4 from Kroger coupon book found in store. Total $0.22 each

2 Country Time Lemonade Mixes $1 each. Used 41/2 from Pic N Save ad. Total $0.50 each.

6 Pepsi Branded 2 Liters $0.84 each WYB 6. Used $1/3 Sierra Mist. Total $0.68 each. Thanks Sherma!

1 Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce $1 each. Used $1 off from insert. Total Free

3 Fuze $1 each. Used B2G1 Free from peelie. Total $0.67 each

4 Kraft Easy Mac Cups and 2 Velveeta Shells Cups $1 each. Used B5G1 Free easy Mac Cups but forgot about the Velveeta Catalina. Tomorrow I will buy those instead. Buy 2 get .50 OYNO, buy 3 get $1.00 OYNO, buy 4 or more get $1.50 OYNO.

Starbucks Frappucino $4.99 ( My new splurge!). Used $1 off from All You Mag. Total $3.99

Bounty Paper Towels $1. Used $1 off 6 pack from insert. Total Free

Gonna make another quick trip in the morning for waters, Velveeta Shells Cups, OM hot dogs, Koolaid, lemonade and Kraft Dressings. The Kraft Dressings have a catalina thru 6/27. Buy 2, get $1. Buy 3, get $2 and Buy4, get $3. They are 3/$5 this week at Kroger and using (2) $1/2 from Pic N Save ad and a $3 catalina makes the just $1.67 for 4 bottles!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Is there anybody in there? .......

Well, look what the cat drug

This should really come as no surpirise to anyone that I have been hibernating these last 2 months.

I checked my archives (bottom left) and I seemed to be vacationing just about this time last year. Only one post from the end of March to the end of May.

I have no excuse for not posting. I just didn't feel like it. I also did not feel like going grocery shopping and today was the first shopping trip I have made other than a quick Heiners run and milk at Foodfair for Sunday morning breakfast.

Enough about me....

First, Evan had a birthday at the end of April. He turned seven and I thirty five. Below is a pic of him with my birthday present.

Then, Destiny had Senior prom and graduation. Wow!! Congratulations again baby girl!

Most everyone knows that I don't work in the summer. I cut back to one day a week while Evan is out of school. Frankly, I don't want to pay for daycare and Marv is dead set against it! But I don't mind. I like having the break and I like working for a place that allows me to take said break.

I have been working 16 hours of overtime every other week that Marv is off, trying to catch up and/or get a little ahead, which seems impossible.

We bought this car.

Obviously a fixer upper ... LOL !

It's an '05 Malibu with 45,000 miles and a salvage title. We got a stellar deal from
239 Auto Group just outside of Porstmouth. We bought our mini van there several years ago for cheap and we are still very pleased with it!

Destiny bought this car.

It's wrecked too. LOL. We found it on craigslist in Portsmouth. One previous owner who's daughter hit a pole on the front passenger side. It's a 2001 Daewoo Leganza with 97,000 miles and we paid $450 for it. We are hoping to have another $300 in DIY repairs.

And I'm posting this below pic just because it's fun for me and I am a little curious how long it will take before it gets back to me and I get in trouble....LOL

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Alphabuzz Web Conference $125

Hello. My name is Brandy Duvernet, and I am a Research Coordinator for AlphaBuzz, Inc., a nationwide market research firm.

We are an independent market research company looking for several participants (ages 23-62) to participate in a web conference about finances. The 90 minute conference will take place on Monday, April 19th, Tuesday, April 20th, or Wednesday, April 21st from your home or office. The sessions will take place during the day.

Those people who are chosen to participate will be paid $125 for their time and input.

Please be assured that this is for research purposes only, and there will be NO SALES involved at any time as a result of your participation

If you are interested in participating, please fill out the following survey. I will contact you once I have reviewed all responses.

* I have done several studies with AlphaBuzz and love to promote them because they do pay and they pay big! I once got $300 for a cell phone study!

Good Luck!