Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Coupon Swap Meet Sunday 02/13/10

So, it looks like we have decided to meet this Sunday 02/13/10 at 1 p.m. We will be meeting at 420 5th St. East. Huntington.

Directions (per Angie):

Come off of the 6th st. bridge and cross the street, on the left hand side is a garage. We have a big 8 ball painted on the garage door. The name of the Building is Fred Jr. Memorial Sports Arcade Pool Hall.

Angie has mentioned bringing finger foods. You ladies can decide. If so, I'm bringing the salsa and ritz...LMAO!!! If not, it sounds like a good idea to keep in mind for the future!

I haven't received any emails for wish lists and we received 4 votes for mailed coupons. Be sure to get me those lists if you want us to fill and mail them!! If anyone knows someone personally who has a wish list and cannot make it, be sure to bring it along! If you are someone I know, be sure to email me any coupons you are seeking (

I can't think of a single coupon I want that everyone else wouldn't keep...LOL

I am however interested in trading stamps (to mail my rebates), Box tops for Evans school and empty ink cartridges!

Another thing I thought of to trade is Speedy Rewards points. They may not be as valuable to others as they are to some!! These can be transferred online to another Speedy Rewards member!!

This will be a new coupon venture for all of us. Be patient while we sort through the kinks and settle on routines and methods we can all rely on.

Don't forget to bring your free item for trade! Hope to see you there!

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