Saturday, February 27, 2010

BEWARE : Westmoreland Foodland II

I went into Foodland in Westmoreland on Thursday. I posted that trip below.

I went again on Friday. I did the same transaction 6 Bounty paper towels, using (5) $0.25 off any from insert and (1) $1 off from a mailer.

They were not busy and there were 2 cashiers. One checking me out and the other talking to my checkout girl. She rang up my 6 paper towels and I handed her my coupons. She scanned ALL of my coupons and my total was $2.50. I paid and walked out of the store. I looked at my receipt, knowing something was wrong. Upon further inspection only the (5) $0.25 off any coupons were taken from my total. The $1 coupon was not on there. I understand I cannot receive overage but there was no adjustment to any coupon.

I trotted back into the store and pointed out to the cashier that only 5 of my coupons were taken from my total and the $1 off coupon was not taken off. The cashier said, "One of them wouldn't scan, it said it exceeded the price of the item." I said, "Well, can I at least have my coupon back" and she opened her drawer and handed it back to me.

Now, knowing what we have been told about this particular Foodland, it is hard for me to fathom that it was just an oversight.

I have NEVER shopped at any grocery store that #1 didn't tell me my coupon wouldn't scan and #2 actually KEEP my coupon and act like everything was A-Ok.

Seems a little fishy, does it not?


I am terrible about checking comments from past posts, if it's not on the front, I just don't make the effort or I forget to check.

Any comment that is left for a post that is more than 30 days old needs moderator approval to be published. Low and behold, when I logged in today there was a comment for my first Beware post here. How coincindental is that?

I could have trahsed the comment but decided to approve it, so that I may make a couple comments to Anonymous.

#1) This is not my story. These things were told to me by a fellow employee. Which, from my experience so far, they are true.

#2) I have no doubt the senior discount is posted on the receipt BUT what I think you are banking on is that most people don't look at their receipt.

#3) I do know what liable means AND I know how to spell it. The only person who will be held liable for unhonorable actions here is Foodland and it's shotty employees.

#4) I certainly am not hurting Foodlands reputation or it's employees. Foodland's dirty stores, high prices and it's shotty employees do that all by themselves.

I'll be back. You can bank on it!

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