Thursday, February 25, 2010

FoodFair & Foodland 2/25/10

2 things I would like to point out. 1) I can't exactly take credit for all the free Joy dish detergent. I did buy 5 this week but these are Dee's. She offered me half of her stash of Q's and told me she was feeling under the weather so, I offered to buy hers for her. Hope you feel better soon Dee!!! 2) I am NOT for clearing the shelves but after hitting 3 Foodfairs in our area and each only having a couple bottles I found 23 at one store and I did take them all. Normally, I would NOT do this and get upset when a shelf is completely empty BUT Foodfair is notorious for not restocking AND these Q's were paid for!!


The Joy dish detergent is $0.59 this week. Use the $0.30 off any from P&G insert and score them free!!!!

Also, the Downy Fabric Softener is $1.99. Used the $1 off from P&G insert and get it for $0.99 !!

I found (3) $2 off any Marcal T.P. Q's hiding in my box and those are still on sale for $1.99. Score those free as well with the $2 off Q from insert. Thanks Lindsey & Nat!!

The Snapple was $4.99 BUT I have a rebate for full product purchase.

I have plenty of those (rebates) to share. If you would like one, just email me and I will be sure to get it to you, either in the mail or in person. The rebate states:

For a full rebate of the purchase price of any Snapple 6 pack (up to 6.99), mail the following:
1) This rebate form
2) Original receipt (must be dated between 1/1/10 & 3/1/10 & postmarked by 3/15/10)
3) UPC

Even though the rebate ends soon you can still purchase before 3/1 and mail by 3/15, if you want a rebate form, I'll make sure you get one in time!!!

Foodland is running a 4 day sale and the Bounty single roll paper towels are $0.78 each. I used (5) $0.25 off any from P&G insert and (1) $1 off any from mailer.

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