Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kroger 11/12/09 & Some Random Complaining

I'm not going to put up a pic because I only bought the ground beef for $0.25 (xs 2) I told you about here but I did also buy 5 Kotex packages. They were clearanced at Kroger for $2.30. I used (5) of the $1 off any Kotex pad from recent insert and got them for $1.30 each. 14 ct. with wings and who doesn't love wings, right?
Anyways, I'm tired, more tired and I think even more tired than the first. I have gotten nothing accomplished this week, other than a ground beef shopping spree and work.

I asked Marv to take the little one to his cousins Bday party (which I might add that it's Marv's sisters kid) tomorrow and he is being a total deuche about making me go. In my defense, I have been to every Bday party and family function on his side and numerous times (too many to count) I had to go alone because he was working. If he doesn't want to hang with them, why should I have to? The injustice of it all!!

Our roommate situation almost came to an explosive end. I will not go into details (via telling me not to implicate myself) but I can tell you he thought to pull a little wool over my eyes and I didn't bite. I did however stew on it for a while and I may have had an ounce or two of steam melt the wax from my ears. Trust me, that was not a pretty sight. It was not so bad that I can outright kick him in the face but I can tell you that I will not be playing your little game and shame on Marv for playing along. Wussy! Grow a set baby! Show him who's 'da man!

What is the most googled phrase for today? black friday 2009 deals
Why? Because the economy is in the crap can and people want to give a little back to big business

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