Thursday, October 8, 2009

Good Intentions

Well, we let a friend move into the spare bedroom. First, a little background. This is a very good friend of mine, whom I have known for 15+ years. He and Marv are really better friends than we are now, due mostly to the fact that they are men. He has lived with us before. He and his then girlfriend. She was pregnant and they needed to save some money to get a new place and stayed a couple of months, quite a few years ago, long before we had Evan. A few years ago he and his girlfriend split and he lived in our camper for a month or so. Since that time he has married and divorced and flip flopped back and forth in this tumultuous relationship. Last night he asked if he could stay in the spare room, with the hopes of helping Marv work on our trailer, so we will move out and rent him the house. I am mostly game for this, other than the fact that renting to friends is a very bad idea. I like it mostly because my mortgage is dirt vheap and I can afford for him to rent from us super cheap, with the stipulation that he finish renovating. My main concern for the immediate future is that Marv is most definitely a man and having another single man living under our roof will cause friction. I know this because I make it my business to know my man and I know him well. So far he has already made 2 or 3 snotty remarks about him being here while he is at work. So, wish me luck!!
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