Sunday, September 27, 2009

The $0.66 Breakfast

I skipped church today to go to Walgreens, then decided I would wait until tomorrow. I am hoping Dee leaves some goods for Last week I stopped by Kroger to use my rain check on the Bob Evans deal and also snagged 3 boxes of Cookie Crisp for $0.77 each after my $0.50 coupons doubled. I cooked up our breakfast this morning. The can of biscuits cost $0.16 from my Kroger trip here. Also, the Bob Evans deal was that week too. $2.50 for Bob Evans Gravy, Get the hash browns free and I used (2) $0.50 coupons that doubled, making them just $0.25 each. YUMMY!!
I see Kroger has the Totinos Pizza Rolls on sale this week for $0.99. I haven't a single coupon. Thought about buying some on ebay but remember Dee telling me about a place she gets hers and I am hoping she gets back with me soon (hint, hint). I would like to try it out.
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