Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Free Air Wick I-Motion Kits @ Walmart

I stopped by Walmart this morning and they had the Air Wick Imotion Compact
Kits on Clearance (in the center isle of the South Point store) for $5. The Lavender scented ones rang up $4. I bought 10 in 2 seperate transactions. Use the $6 off any AirWick Imotion from inserts. I also got 2 free Johnson & Johnson First Aid Kits (trial size). The first transaction, the cashier rolled my overage on the $3 J&J. So, I payed $0.34 for the 2 J&J kits and 5 Air wick kits. The second transaction, I only had $4 Qs left for the Imotion kits. I got 5 of those and 2 more J&J kits and payed $5.11. If you do not have any of the inserts left or want more you can get a $4 printable here and remember the lavender scent rings up $4.
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