Sunday, September 27, 2009

Celebrating Summer

Well, I am definitely a fall weather kinda gal and it is finally here. Exciting stuff! I thought I would celebrate by sharing a few of our photos from this summer. I don't have any from our camping trip to Carter Caves. I packed my camera, extra batteries and even my tripod. The big photo moment came and BAM!!! I didn't have a memeory card in my camera. Oh well! My best friend and her family camped with us a couple of days and got some pics. I just haven't gotten around to asking for them yet, especially since she is computer illiterate and I will have to do it myself anyways.

Lawrence County Fair: My mans butt. Yummy!

Evan & neighbor boating in our flooded ditch:

We finally broke down & bought Evan a pool:

Ohio river exploration:

I hope everyone had as much fun as we did this summer. We had a blast and kept plenty busy! I sure am ready for fall fun! The Bob Evan's farm festival is coming up soon! I hope Marv is off that week so we can take Evan.

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