Saturday, February 28, 2009

Walmart 2/28/09

I know what you must be thinking. Does this lady ever get anything done besides shopping? The past couple of weeks are not normal for me and I do most of this while on the clock at work. I HAD to make a Walmart trip today because I had a few freebie coupons that expired today and that would just be shameful! If it was a long drive, I would have to skip the trip but this extra trip was only 4 miles and I saved the most I have ever saved at Walmart! Well worth going out on my day off!

2 Kashi Fruit and Nut snack bars $2.50 each. I used (1) coupon for free product they mailed me and (1) coupon for $2 off soft baked cereal bars from vocal point mailer. Total $0.50 for both

1 SeaPak Shrimp poppers $1.32. Used $1 off any SeaPak item from Feb. Hallmark Mag. Total $0.32

2 Ortega Taco Seasoning Dry Mixes $0.47 each. Used $1/2 Ortega products from insert. Total both FREE

4 bottles Crush pop $1.25 each. Used (2) $1/2 Crush 2-liters from insert. Total $0.75 each. I hate pop but my man don't!

2 Lipton Pasta Sides $0.98 each. Used $0.60/2 from insert. Total $0.69 each

2 Quaker Rice Snacks $1.37 each. Used (2) $1 off Quaker International Delights. Total $0.37 each

2 McCormick Slow Cooker Beef Stew Dry Mixes $0.30 each (clearanced from $1.50 each). Used (2) $0.55 off any McCormick item they mailed me. Total both Free + overage was applied

1 McCormick GrillMate Seasoning packet $0.86. Used $0.55 off any Grillmate item they mailed me. Total $0.31

1 Pringles $1. Used $1 off snack stixx from P&G insert. Total FREE

1 Rice Works $2.66. Used coupon for free bag here (thanks DN!). Total FREE

1 Band Aid (Diego) $1.24. Used $1 off any BandAid except trial size from insert. Total $0.24

11 Kotex pantyliners $11. Used (7) $1 off any Kotex from insert & (1) from peelie and (3) $0.75 off any Kotex pantyliner. Total $0.75 for all 11 packages!

2 Suave Professional Shampoos $3 each. Used (2) free item coupons from Suavenomics promo. Total both FREE

2 Bic Comfort 3 (4pk.) $3.84. Used (2) $2 off Bic Shaver from insert. Total $1.80 each. They have coupons for $2 inside each one too.

3 Bic Sensitive (12pk.) $2.57. Used (3) $2 off Bic Shavers from insert. Total $0.57 each.

3 Bic Silky Touch (10pk.) $2.94. Used (3) $2 off Bic Shavers from insert. Total $0.94 each. I had alot of these coupons b/c this was the week my dad's obit was in. I bought everyone a paper and kept the Q's.

1 Swiffer Sweeper $8 & 1 Swiffer Wet refill $8.97. Used $5 off swiffer wet jet from mailer & Buy a swiffer sweeper, get a free box of refills from P&G insert. Total $3 for both

1 Cascade Dishwasher Clear rinse $3.47. Used coupon for free item from mailer. Total FREE

Total before coupons. $95.23 (people really pay this? good grief!) after coupon total $21.13. I have to say, percentage wise I think I beat myself from last weeks total.

This week I made 4 trips to Kroger and 1 to Walmart. Total merchandise $182.56. Total spent after coupons and catalinas $46.12 and these were just my "grocery trips".
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