Saturday, February 28, 2009

Freeze Canned Biscuits?

Well, we scored free canned biscuits, cinnamon rolls and crescent rolls. Heck, we even made profit on them. So, I got to thinking, can I freeze them in the can? Do I have to take the time to bake all 25 cans I have ( I went to Kroger again this a.m.) and then freeze them. I googled, I asked in forums and didn't really find anything definitive. I found a 50/50 mix. So, I decided I would throw one can of each in the deep freezer. The can of biscuits pictured (Pillsbury grands) were in my deep freezer since Wednesday. I took them out of the freezer yesterday evening, setting them on the counter. I put them in the fridge when I went to bed. This morning, I peeled the can and was suprised it didn't "pop" like normal. I actually had to puncture it with a butter knife. It slowly made a "psss" sound. I peeled it open and baked according to the directions. As you can see, they turned out great! Maybe not quite as high as normal but I was very pleased. The pan may not be the prettiest but you gotta give gredit to the golden biscuits! They tasted great too! I will let you know how the others turn out. Hopefully, I can bake them up soon and we can see if we can freeze them all!
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