Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tons of Savings Part V

You can read past post in this series here about stockpiling coupons. Today I want to tell you about AngelFood Ministries.

I have a friend who says she is just to busy to fool with searching the ads and clipping coupons. This is why I started this blog, to make it easy and show you exactly where the coupons are and what to buy but alas you can take a horse to water but you cannot force him to drink.

AngelFoodMinistries is a perfect resource for someone looking to save on their grocery bill with no effort. First off let me make it clear that AngelFoods is NOT a low income program. It is for everyone, although they do accept Food Stamps. The more people they can get to participate in buying boxes, the more food they can buy at bulk prices and pass the savings to others.

I have been doing AngelFoods for quite some time now and have thus far been rather impressed with the amount of food in each box. Once a month I stop at a local church in my area to pay for my box of food, which is $30 for a regular box. You pick it up 2 weeks after you pay. You can find alot of great recipe stretching ideas specific to these menus at She does a wonderful job showing you how to stretch the box for a month along with a list of staples you will need to buy.

There are hundreds of participating churches. Each church makes $1 per box it sells. You can check to find a participating church in your area here. They sell several different boxes, such as specialty boxes of fruit & veggies or steak and chicken. To buy a specialty box you have to purchase a regular $30 box but if you have others that order you can just add a box on to theirs. I take several orders in for neighbors and friends.

January's box contains:

1.5 lb. Ribeye Steak (4 x 6 oz.)
4 lb. Leg Quarters
1.5 lb. Beef Patties (4 x 6 oz.)
18 oz. Cheese Filled Manicotti
2 lb. Pork Rib Strips
1 lb. Chicken Breast Fajita Strips
1 lb. Ground Turkey
1 lb. Broccoli
1 lb. Peas
6 ct. Oatmeal Variety Box
2 each-Regular, Maple Brown Sugar and Apple Cinnamon
32 oz. 2% Shelf Stable Milk
8 oz. Blueberry Muffin Mix
12 ct. White Corn Tortillas
1 lb. Pinto Beans
7 oz. Chicken Flavored Rice & Vermicelli
One Dozen Eggs
Dessert Item

This is alot of food for $30 and you can stretch it pretty far by using HillbillyHousewifes recipes and guides here. If you are too busy or just don't get the concept of ecoupons or how to match coupons with sales this is a great alternative to save money!
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