Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tons of Savings Part IV

For a couple of weeks I have been telling you how to stockpile as many coupons as possible with minimal effort and virtually no cost. You can read those here and here and another one here about when to buy extra papers.

This evening I want to talk a little about paying attention to purchases. A couple of weeks ago on a CVS trip, here, I noticed the Right Guard wasn't printing the ECBs. I would normally just take my receipt and leave but I needed those ECBs to pay for the next transaction. The manager had to come over and check the ad and do the ECBs manually. Well, after having myself and the staff confused I just handed her over the amount she specified, $10.97. I gave her $11. She said wait, I don't owe you $9. Well, no she didn't. She said she must have punched in $20 by accident. She gave me back like $0.67 I think and we continued on with my other transactions. When I got out to the car I looked at my receipt from the first transaction wondering why I had so much OOP money I had spent on that 1st transaction and my receipt said I only owed $1.97. I went back in the store and spoke with the manager and the cashier and they promptly put $10 in my hand no questions asked. They were great about it. The cashier said she knew something wasn't right about the first transaction we did. I should have caught it at that moment, the screen is right there for me to check the amount but I had them and myself so flustered it kinda whizzed over my head.

The previous week I tried to teach my mom to CVS. I gave her a card with $15.99 in ECBs and told her about the Duracell battery deal. She called me after she left CVS and said she didn't get her $15 in ECBs back. I told her to march right back in the store and show them the ad and see what they will do for you, if you have any problems call me while you are talking to someone. She took the batteries back in and showed them her receipt and they pointed out to her that she had bought the CVS brand of batteries which were also copper tops. So, they gave her the money back and she bought the right ones.

Pay attention to your purchases. Make sure you have the right size, amount or even the right brand. Just last week I bought 2 lipglosses that someone put in the Loreal spot and I wondered why I didn't get my ECBs back, pointed it out and noticed before they did that they were Maybelline brand. I got my money back ofcourse but it wouldn't have happened in the first place had I paid attention.
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