Saturday, December 20, 2008

Food Basket Donation

Do you know of a family in need? I am asking those readers who are in the tristate area ( if there are any) to think long and hard if they know a family who is struggling to make ends meet, an ederly person who has to choose between food or heat or someone who just lost there job, anybody that you think would benefit from a large food donation. Please tell me.

I will gladly put together a large food basket (or 2 if the need arises) and anonymously gift it to someone or a family in need. If it is you please do not hesitate to say so. The Lord has blessed us so much as of late that I want to share my good fortune. I do not wish recognition or any thanks. I will simply leave it on someones door step and walk away.
If I do not get any response I will simply grace someones door step with a large box of food but it is my wish that someone who truly needs it, gets it. I have plenty to share. I have donated to food banks and also given to my elderly neighbor and I am still overflowing.
Please contact me if you know of a family in need.
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