Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Eternal Gratitude

I wish to personally thank the following:

Kroger in Ashland

Kroger in Proctorville

Foodland in Catlettsburg

Foodfair in Lavalette

CVS on 20th Street

Their tremendous support and donations for our food basket giveaway enabled us to help 5 more families for a total of 7 families in the TriState! I know this is only a minor scratch on the surface and there are many more families in desperate need but as I told a new found friend "Together we can!" TriStateSaver.com will be doing this again at the end of March, early April and those who were not helped this time will be on the top of the list, if they are still in need. If there is any left over, we will be asking for your input on which families to help.

God Bless!!

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