Thursday, February 18, 2010

Purex Catalina

I read on some other boards and blogs that the catalina company is pulling the Purex catalina. So far, what I am gathering is that they are pulling it just for the remainder of the Daytona sale. This is not exactly the brightest idea, since the sale is only 3 more days and Purex knew the cat was out and that it would generate a massive buying spree with couponers.

IF the catalina does come back after the sale, which it very well may since the cat was suppose to be good until March some time, it may be a wise decision to get a rain check for the $2.19 price.

I got a rain check last week when one of the stores were OOS. A rain check from Kroger is good for 30 days. Assuming the cat starts printing again after the sale all is well. Then again it may not, as I hear there may be a BOGO Q coming in Sundays paper. And ofcourse we didn't get the last Purex Q in our area. Heres to hoping :)

Ask for a rain check for the sale price. If the cat starts printing again, I will let you know as soon as I hear!

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