Thursday, February 18, 2010

Johnson's Catalina Alert !!!

While I was at Kroger today I tried to buy 2 of the Buddies bars with the $1 off printable below. While she would not take the coupon, stating my buddies were not "baby" items ( I made her take them off my order) it spit out a catalina before I paid, for $2.50 off any 3 Johnson's or Desitin baby products.

Like I said before, "Sometimes you win, sometimes you try again." Tomorrow I will go back to the same Kroger and a new cashier will take my coupon. That's just the way it is sometimes.

As you can see here, a year ago the cat was $3/3 Johnson's and I racked up 100 + bars of soap and only paid tax. This cat is not as great but good none the less. $0.50 for 3 bars isn't shabby by any means for something that is $0.99 each as a norm.

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