Monday, February 1, 2010

How To Store & Organize Your Coupons

Kristin left a comment asking for tips on how to store coupons. I was also asked yesterday how I catergorize my coupons. I decided I would share a picture of my coupon box and show you what works best for me. But remember, it's trial and error until you find a system that works for YOU. It takes time! I went thru several coupon organizers ( both store bought and homemade).

First, if you are new to couponing and already know that you are going to be an aggressive couponer, don't waste your money on small organizers, such as the $3 ones they sell at Wmart. They will be much too small in a very short period of time. This is perfect for someone who uses coupons occassionally or like my mom, only has coupons she clips from the All You Magazine. These would also work well if you browse your ad and only take out the coupons you know you are going to use. The problem with this, is that alot of times you will spot something clearanced or on sale and you left your coupons at home.

I love this system but must refrain from spending that kind of money and again size is an issue.

I too have seen the lady at Kroger who has the coupon binder system. My problem with a binder, and yes I have tried that once too, is that I accumulate so many coupons my binder would basically be flopped open like an accordian, it was messy and stuff fell out of the pockets. It was just a hassle for me and I didn't have it very long.

My Coupon Box:

Click to enlarge and you will see that I have cut large index cards to fit so that no coupons slide past there intended catergory. This is actually getting a little tight but at the end of the year when I took out all of my expired coupons ( I do clear it out monthly but had an abundance that ended 12/31/09) this box was maybe 3/4 full. To keep things in place I folded my ads and stuffed them in the back. What you are not seeing in this pic is that there are 2 rings of duct tape holding my box together. It seems in no time at all I was busting out the side corners. A co-worker gave me a few plastic storage containers and they were pretty close but lacked a couple inches in length. No pun intended but length is key! LOL

Before this "system" I carried a wooden picture box that Marv had decoupaged with coupons. I loved it but eventually I outgrew it.

I catergorize my coupons by the store I frequent most. Although, Ashland Kroger is by far my favorite, I frequent Kroger on 1st st. the most since I work in Huntington. Picture the store you go to the most and catergorize your coupons by aisle. My shoe box fits perfectly in the cart. I flip open the lid, go to the catergory I need and get my coupon. CVS carts are much smaller so, I turn my box the other way so it sits in between the handle and the back of the child seat.

Yes, I have dumped my coupon box in the floor and had to redo it. I was so disgusted it took me days!!!

So, what system do you have and how is it working for you? What are some Pro's and Cons? Can you share any tips that others will find useful?

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