Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Have an Abundance Of Pillsbury Biscuits?

I don't know about you ladies but I have biscuits out the WAZOO and that isn't counting the many I have given away!

How about we have a little biscuit baking challenge? Not so much a contest but a way to share some tried and true biscuit recipes.

Within the next few days (weather permitting, so you can get anything not on hand) how about we pick a recipe or two off the Pillsbury web site and share our thoughts and pics about said recipe.

Anyone who is game, pick a recipe here and tell us which one in the comments so we don't have any repeats. Bake it, send me a pic and your opinion to post!

As soon as I looked at the recipes, this pic popped out at me. Sausage Breakfast Cups. Yummy! I am definitely going to be making this for breakfast! Cheers! Hopefully, I can get out in the morning b/c I am out of eggs! I even made my Kroger trip today. Shame on me!!!

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