Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Banquet Brown & Serve Coupons

I bought a few of the Banquets again during the Daytona sale. A couple of them were marked with the Thanks a Million sweepstakes.

Inside these boxes are 2 coupons. One for $0.35 off any Banquet Brown & Serve Sausages and $0.50 off any Banquet Family Size Entree. As we all know, with the $0.35 off Brown & Serve Coupon you will get $0.12 overage this week during the Daytona Sale at Kroger.

The coupons don't expire until March of 2011. I think I will hold onto mine for future sales, as I have 20+ boxes by now!!

According to the ConAgra web site these specially marked boxes will only be out this month. I am sure we will see a few linger beyond February but they may not be making very many.

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