Monday, February 8, 2010

Coupon Swap

So the votes are in and tallied. We had 4 votes for a swap meet, 4 votes for mailed and 3 for both. In all fairness we shall basically do both. Dee had a great idea that those of you who cannot make it to the swap can email me your coupon wish list and address. No need to address it if I can get them to you via work etc ;)
Any ideas ladies?

I thought we might start out by trying to fill emailed wish lists and then our own. I know some people swap coupons for coupons, coupons for stamps and whatever else one might need. The ones who send a wish list won't have anything to swap right away but we can brainstorm and figure that out later.

Ofcourse, if I have an abundance of coupons needed by someone they are more than welcome to them ;)

We need to come up with a time and place. I thought maybe Empire Books, since the little kids can play if we want to bring them along. Please leave any ideas. We can also switch it up and meet at different places.

How often do we want to meet? Every six weeks, 2 months, you tell me. What days? Weekends are best for me in the winter months. After work and dark at 5 pm, I'm worthless! But I am sure I can manage whatever fits everyones schedules best. I can't wait for spring!!!

Do we want to meet as soon as this week? I'm game. I thought it would be fun to have everyone bring 1 item they got free or darn close to it and swap them as an ice breaker. Draw a name kinda thing.

Just shootin' some ideas out there. What are some of yours? If I make all the decisions, I get all the coupons...LOL

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