Monday, January 25, 2010


The first week of January I bought the above phone for Marv's birthday. I didn't want another bill and cell phones are not our primary means of communication. We love Vonage!! Anyways, there was a $20 off eCoupon on shortcuts for any i-Wireless phone purchase of $29.99 or more at Kroger. I looked at this phone at Kroger and it was $39.99. I also noticed the sign by the phones that said get 20 free minutes each time you spend $100 at Kroger. Hmmm, I thought, this could potentially be a very sweet deal if he gets the 20 minutes BEFORE coupons.

January 8th I paid $20 for the phone, loaded with 300 bonus minutes for purchasing. Immediately, I registered the phone with my primary Kroger card and as of today he has received 4 seperate text messages congratulating him on his 20 bonus minutes. According to my calculations I have bought $456 in groceries this month and only paid $75 OOP !!!!!


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