Saturday, January 30, 2010

Coupon Swap And/Or Coupon Meet: Be Sure To Vote!!

I talked with the girls at work a while back about setting up a basket at the office for unwanted/unused coupons. At the time I thought this was a great idea but it never came to fruition.

Anyways, I have been told by a few ladies that we should consider starting a coupon swap. I think this is a wonderful idea. We all have many coupons we will never use that would be of interest for somone else. For example I have tons of diaper and pharmacy coupons that I know I will never use and someone is more than welcome to them.

I have set up a poll on the left bar. I personally don't care what is chosen, I will go with the flow either way but I am interested in everyones insight and if you have something to add please feel free to leave a comment.

Option 1:

A coupon swap meet. I am envisioning this as something we do once maybe every 6 weeks. We could meet somewhere kid friendly and it doesn't always have to be the same place.

The only real problem I forsee with this is that I know of at least 2 ladies who do not live in the immediate Tri-State area and I would hate to see them miss out when they are trying so hard to learn with us. Not to mention countless others. You can zoom in on the feddjit link on the bottom left and see people from St. Albans, Gallipolis and Charleston to mention a few.

Option 2:

A coupon train: This would entail mailing coupons. I would ofcourse start if everyone would like. I would pack an envelope with coupons I don't want or use and ofcourse peelies I find in abundance to be mailed to whomever and that person would mail them to the next.

There are a couple of problems I can see with mailing coupons. #1 Someone would have your physical address. While I don't see this as an immediate threat, should it grow... #2 Everyone would have to use some coupon etiquette. If I have 20 peelies I would expect the person at the end of the train to be able to have a couple of those also.

Option 3:

Both a coupon train and a swap.

I am game for either or both. If we decide to do both it could potentially solve the problem of people who live too far away. They could leave a comment as to the coupons they need and at the swap we could be sure they get what they need, as well as any extras and mail them.

So, using the "Quick Poll" in the left hand bar, please be sure to vote. I will keep the poll up for at least week and we will see what we get. It may just be a few of us hanging out or mailing but I am okay with that too!!

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