Monday, January 4, 2010

Coupon Anxiety

Today, a good friend of mine told me she forgot to buy a paper this past Sunday. I told her there were four inserts and she said, "Shoot." She is not as advantageous with her couponing as most but she is trying to stockpile her coupons at least. Anyways, I offered and gave her a set of mine.

Is it selfish to even think about the $1.50? Is that bad? I mean really bad? Ofcourse, I didn't think anything of it at the time (karma, you know?) but found myself remarking to a coworker about it and saying,"You know I don't even read the paper, I should tell her she owes me $1.50." I was joking and meant it jokingly but it is bothering me that I am even thinking about it.

Did she ask me for a $1.50, I would have said, "Are you sure that's all you need?"

But it wasn't money. It was my precious coupons...LOL... and she didn't ask, I offered. Why am I suffering anxiety over a few coupons?

What would you have done? Would you give up your precious coupons and then sulk about it, as I am doing? Or would you have told her that was too bad she didn't get the paper? Would you have even thought about giving up one of your x number of copies?


I was just proof reading this post to make sure it makes sense, if only to myself and realized that karma really is a powerful unseen force. Today, a friend/coworker gave me a couple $10 G.C. for a restaurant downtown that she bought super cheap when I posted this. Anyways, I am truly greatful to her and now even more greatful because I forgot one of lifes other unseen forces, "What comes around, goes around." That karma stuff sure is a ...

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