Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ignorance = Intolerance

I work for Autism Services Center, out of Huntington, WVa. I really like my job, some days more than others, as with any job. Today, I did a little extra curricular work, helping to get a new group home ready and the conversation I had with my boss reminded me of a post I had read by KIT about racial prejudices here.

I work in the community mostly, meaning my "client" lives at home. I do some group home work but "B" and I are fast friends.

"B" was diagnosed with moderate retardation as a child and is now middle aged. She needs a little reminding to wash in all places and to make her bed properly. Little things like that. She holds a job and loves it. I don't particularly have a love for it but she enjoys it very much, so I don't complain about taking her or helping her do a good job.

When we go out, people sometimes look twice and that's okay. People are curious by nature. Some people stare and I guess that's okay too, if you want me to gouge your eyes out. Not really, but I might walk up and shake your hand.

We scare people. Why? Because people are ignorant. Alot those people are what we consider "educated" but they cannot tolerate us because they are ignorant of what being autistic or developmentally delayed truly means. Maybe we break into their happy little world where all is perfect and they think we are not, therefore we deserve your stares, your scorn or told we should not move into your communities.

Don't be so self important.

You have not even met your neighbor but are judgemental and assuming. We are not judgemental of you and we tolerate you pretty well, considering you have already proven yourselves unworthy. But alas, we are not the hypocrites here are we? We are not the Christian only on Sunday types.

That being said, we forgive you. Why not come on over and introduce yourself and have some stimulating conversation? I promise we will not eat your dog or run around the block half clothed chanting non-sense. You would be suprised how refreshing it is to have a friend who does not judge you and truly likes you for yourself.
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