Sunday, February 15, 2009

Most of us have heard of UPromise but what most of us don't know is that UPromise offers a wide EASY array of ways to save for our childrens or even someone elses childrens college fund. College isn't just an option anymore. It is a must! Sign up with and you can add your Kroger & CVS savings cards to your account. Choose ecoupons for things you buy and when you buy the items you selected on your card, the savings automatically goes into your account. Eureka!

An example of such offers:

Save $1.00 for college when you buy any Reynolds Wrap(R) Foil (excluding 25 sq. ft.)

Save $0.50 for college when you buy any Domino Sugar

Buy any one (1) package of HUGGIES(R) Diapers and save $1 for college

And the list goes on and on, products we buy anyways right? Anytime you shop online thru your account you get anywhere from 1 to 25% saved into your account and they have thousands of stores to choose from such as Walmart, Old Navy, Ebay and so on. What a great service. I wish I had the foresight to start this sooner.

Don't have any children? When you sign up for an account, which is completely free, you can choose who your money goes to and what percent goes to each child, if you have multiple children.

If you choose to register your CC to your account you will also earn rewards when dining out, at select restaurants. Such as IHop. You will receive a 4% reward added to your account.

Redemption is easy!
All your earnings go directly into your UPromise college savings account. Then, you decide if you'd like to grow them tax free in a 529 plan to pay for college, use them to pay down a Sallie Mae student loan, or receive a check for college expenses.

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