Monday, February 16, 2009

Give Old Shoes New Life

I certainly don't want to waste money on frivolous items, such as $60 on a pair of shoes! These shoes were given to me, in much better condition I might add. Having wore them for several months they began to see better days.

Last night I decided to try and give them a good washing but didn't have any bleach and they desperately needed it! I remembered my shopping trip last week, where I got several free bottles of Clorox Toilet Bowl cleaner with bleach and decided to give it a try. As you can see the results were very pleasing and this was prewash!

When I saw how well it worked I just had to grab my camera! I used a quarter sized amount on each section and rubbed it in with a toothbrush, nothing major just a light scrubbing. I only got the top section finished when I took the pic, as I wanted to hurry and get it done before it ate my shoelaces!
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