Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mylanta Money Maker @ CVS

Mylanta Ultimate Strength Cherry flavor is regularly priced @ $6.99 but rings up 1/2 price @ $3.50. If your store does not have a self scanner, make sure they are ringing up 1/2 price, use this $2 off any Mylanta printable and a $3 ECB will print. February ECB deal on Mylanta. Limit 5. I had to visit 2 stores b/c they would accept only one of these coupons at a time. Total profit $1.50 on each. I bought 2 Dawn Dish liquids @ $0.99 and 2 Mylantas, used (2) $2 off Mylanta coupons and (2) $0.50 off any Dawn liquid from Home Made Simple mailer. Total spent $4. Received back $6 in ECBs. Total profit $2! SWEET! DNofOhio, they had plenty of the Mylantas left at the Washington Ave. store. They are not marked 1/2 price like at the CK store but DO ring up $3.50.
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