Sunday, January 11, 2009

Kmart Super Doubles

I stopped by Kmart (S.Point) this evening to grab the Suave shampoo that is on sale ( with todays insert $2 off 3 it would be free) anyways, there weren't any signs out promoting the Super Doubles (doubling $2 & under coupons) so, I asked the CS up front and there were 2 managers working that I know from my daughters softball league, they said they were pulled out of the Super Doubles this week at the last minute. WHAT? Ridiculous. They both told me the Kmart on Rt.60 is definitely doing $2 Super Doubles this week. I set my stuff on the counter and left. I have to work tomorrow so, I will make the trip up there.

Oh, I also asked if they could order extra buddies soap and she said they didn't do orders, the store was self ordering. CRAP! I hate Kmart. They are never obliging, overly priced and I am practically begging to give them business.

There were a crap load of $5 off $50 coupons up front and in front of the electronics counter. I grabbed a few of them, I left them in the car. I will check in a minute and see what the exp. date is. They were nothing fancy. They looked like black & white copies of an email coupon.
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