Friday, October 17, 2008

Some Good Deals at Walmart

I went to Walmart this evening to pick up a few things I knew were good deals this week. Here is a list of some of the goodies I found. Note that this is for the South Point store and prices may vary slightly.

Betty Crocker Cookie Pouch on sale for $1.50. Use a $0.40 off from insert. Making it $1.10.
I used a $0.75 off printable but cannot find it anymore.

Barilla Piccolini Pasta for $1.27. Use $1 off printable
here. Making it $0.27 total.

Honey Bunches of Oats Just Bunches $2.94. Use $2 off printable
here at bottom. Making it $0.94 total.

Muir Glen canned tomatoes (fire roasted is all I found) $1.22 can. Use $1 off printable here . Making it $0.22 a can.

Del Monte fruit cups (including parfait) 4 pk. $2.00. Use $1.00 off printable
here bottom right . Making them $1.00

Uncle Bens Rice $1.38 (prices and variety vary). Use BOGO free printable
enter Rice in lower right corner . Making 2 boxes at $0.69 each.
(The coupon says Wild Long grain Rice but it worked just fine on 2 boxes of Broccoli & cheese)

Bumble Bee pouch albacore tuna $0.98. Use $1 off coupon from paper insert.

Fantastik Cleaner $1.97 , Shout Laundry Spray $2.52 & Scrubbing bubbles (16oz.) $2.33.
Use coupons here . Making the Fantastik $0.47 after coupon. Shout $1.02 after coupon & Scrubbing Bubbles $0.33 after coupon.

Glade Fabric & Air Refresher $2.78. Use coupon from Sundays insert for $1.50 off.
Totaling $1.28

Durex Play Vibrations $4.96. Use $2.00 off any item printable
here . Making it a nice date with hubby for $2.96 (hehe)

Kotex 16 ct. pantiliners $1.00. Use $1.00 any Kotex pad printable here. Making it free. Also, there were coupons in a recent insert for $1 off any pad & $.075 off lightdays liners. I used 5 coupons. 3 $1 off and 2 $0.75 off. I got 5 packages for $0.50.

Visine eye drops $3.62. Use coupon for $3.00 off any from All You magazine (I think).

Preparation H 10 count wipes $2.97. Use $3.00 off any item printable here. Making them free or $0.03 over (I got the last box at my Walmart).

Clean & Clear black head eraser pads $5.44. Use $5 off printable
here. Making them $0.44. This coupon states for the exfoliator kit or something but works on just the pads.

Purina Cat Food $4.33 & Purina Puppy Chow $4.73. Use $4.00 off printable
here. I used 2 and gave the bags to my neighbor for her cats. Even if you don't use it, you could donate it to the shelter :)

I think the Glade glass scents were on sale and there was a BOGO coupon in a recent paper and there is one in the November Hallmark magazine. But South Point Walmart was wiped out.
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