Friday, October 17, 2008

Cheap Stocking Stuffers at CVS

Forgot earlier to mention that while I was at Chesapeake CVS today they had a cart of clearance items for $0.10. Sorry, but I bought all the good stuff that was left :) I got 3 anti aging tubes of concealer, 1 pack of Listerine pocket packs, 1 bottle of energy shots for your skin (spray), 1 Be Fine lip exfoliator, 1 Be Fine eye treatment kit, and 1 Be Fine neck cream. Check back, they may add more. What they did have alot of were 6 in 1 manicure sets. I bought 5. They were more like a 2 pc. nail file and cuticle pusher. There were alot of lipbalms some Banana Boat and some CVS brand and a bunch of odds and ends. There was also a clearance table.
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