Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rebates or No Rebates?

There are many items out there that offer individual product rebates, not to mention store rebates, like at Rite Aid, where there are dozens at any given time and you can do them online. I find them a little daunting. I am a procrastinator of the worst kind, ridiculously so. I have done a few rebates on high end electronics, for big money back, but still not right away. Took me at least a week to fill it out and mail it. I don't know why, I just don't feel like fooling with it. Rebates seem like such a hassle, everything has to be precise and they still seem to give you problems and you sent everything in that was required, you know you did.

Sure deodorant has a full MIR on 2 of it's products here and here. I have passed on this so far and even had a $3.50 coupon for the clinical strength, which I let expire, it is $6.99 @ Kroger, the only place I found it. I could have made $3 after stamp and envelope on just that one and got free deodorant. But just couldn't bring myself to spend $7 when the odds were against my mailing in the rebate form.

So, I have one product for which there is a full MIR and I have decided that Tuesday is the day. Why Tuesday? I don't work Monday and have no intentions of going anywhere and I have no stamps to put it in my mailbox. I have bought the new Arm & Hammer Essentials cleaner, with the purpose of filling out the rebate and mailing it in. I bought it more than a week ago at Walmart for $2.32 with a $1 off coupon. So, I will get all my money back, got a free product and have made $1 to boot. I already have my rebate form here printed out and the item circled on my receipt. Now, all I have to do is fill out the form, cut out the UPC and mail all 3 items right? Seems harmless enough. I feel anxious already just thinking about it. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for processing. Wish me luck and I will update Tuesday.
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