Saturday, July 9, 2011

Extreme Couponing TLC Style

I uploaded the above image from Ebay just a few short minutes ago. I wanted to prove a point.

A few of you have said,

"Christy, can you do like they do on that t.v. show Extreme Couponing on TLC"?

"Christy, how do these women get Tide and steaks with their groceries and still only pay pennies?"

I tell everyone the truth. That is television. If it didn't seem exciting, there would be no ratings; hence no t.v. show.

What they are NOT showing you is that in reality these people are paying for coupons on ebay. They are buying coupons that will give them overage ( which ofcourse is illegal and they don't tell you that part. ie: if something costs $1 and your coupon is for $2 off, if the cashier doesn't catch it or just approves it you get $1 credit toward the rest of your groceries.)

So, if you were going to be on national television and want to make the best impression, you could potentially go on ebay and buy 30 coupons for the $2 off Country time lemonade that are on sale for $1 and you just made $30 towards the rest of your groceries. BUT the little con artists didn't tell you they spent $30 on the coupons to begin with.

In the Mega Sale coming up at Kroger this week Vitamin Waters are $0.75 each. At the price above you would be paying $0.64 each anyways And the auction still has more than an hour left!

I happen to love Kroger. Kroger is the ONLY place I will buy my groceries. It's no secret how much I hate SkankMart. I haven't been in 7 months and I am never going back. I don't care if they are handing out money. I will not support them any more!

I just hope that in all this hype and b.s. these people don't ruin it for the rest of us. Kroger knows whats going on but these ladies walk in there with 1000 PAID for coupons and it's like a shock and awe war campaign! They get so confused they just give them the credit and these ladies walk out feeling proud of themselves for ripping Kroger off and fooling you too.

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