Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So Many Doubters Too Little Research

First, a little secret. For the past few weeks I have been getting the Columbus paper. Kendall, who works with my man, has been gracious enough to buy and hold them for me. A couple of ladies here split the cost with me and we are SOOO very thankful to her for providing us with this favor! The Columbus Dispatch provides much better coupons than our little city inserts. My man said this is cheating. "Since I am Tri-State Saver, I should blog only on coupons provided to the tri-state area." This is untrue. Yes, WE are all Tri-State Saver but that entails saving the most money we can by any legal means we can. Hence, I have the means to score the better coupons, you bet your bottom dollar I am going to utilize it.

Thank you so much Kendall!!

Kendall shot me an email this evening featuring an article she saw on MSN. You can read that here. It is chock full of great money saving tips, blogs and other useful information. I highly recommend it. It's a good read.

What I want to point out are some of the comments. The "doubters" we will call them. This first comment is priceless. The entire thing is false and I think someone is jealous!

"THERES NO SUCH THING AS coupons for meat milk or produce that isnt packaged processed, markets do not double coupons over 1.00 you will never get $2 off never! nor do they put things on sale if there is a coupon for it in the paper
that week , the markets arent stupid they are not going to put anything on sale
that has a coupon too they will never give you both"

"i dont believe any of you ppl who say you can feed your family every week for you are either planted by the author ,liars or both, id like to see every single item on your list i get the paper too and this week there were no, NONE, 0, COUPONS FOR NON-PROCESSED FOOD- IT WAS ALL PACKAGED HIGH PRICED ITEMS"

"Coupon cutting and SORTING take's A LOT OF TIME! I work 12-13 hour days, and when I'm off, that's the LAST thing I want to do! I do read the WED (Food Circular's) in our area, and the Sunday Ad's, But that's it! I bet the MAJORITY of these SUPER COUPON user's are NOT working FULL TIME!!!!"

"I will never believe that anyone got their grocery bill down from $234 to $4 "

I almost wasn't going to justify these comments with my own comment, especially since we know better, are you laughing as hard as I was?

I work the daily grind just like 80% of other Americans, 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. Without the grocery savings I can receive, I would be working 2 jobs or at least picking up all the over time I can get my hands on and I use to. It was nothing for me to pull 70 hours a week with one day off a month. That is until I learned how to get my grocery budget under control. Saving $600 a month is basically keeping me from acquiring a part time job and I am thankful for it!

No, most markets will not double coupons over $1 but Kmart will (even up to $2!) and thankfully they are bringing it back! Dee shot us an email of this weeks participating stores. Ours isn't in it but it is a good sign to see it making a come back and we can bet on seeing it in our area again! I hope sooner than later, we have scored some major freebies and overage with super doubles!

Yes, I buy alot of junk and processed foods but that is because we like it. I also buy alot of healthy foods and thats because we like those too. It's true that you don't see alot of "organic" coupons but they do exist and if that's your thing snatch them up in abundance when you do see them. Same with milk coupons. You see them rarely but they do exist. Shop around. You can score milk at Aldis for $1.50 a gallon as a norm. Buy 4 and freeze 3.

So, what do you think about the "doubters"? We were the same at some point in time right? Now we know better and thankfully we were not as bullheaded and skeptical as these commenters were. Yay for us! But still it saddens me, even angers me a little. The reason why? Manufacturers can charge whatever they want because people like this and a majority of the masses will just pay it because they think they have to. They don't and if they would take a stand, we would see a major overhaul in the raping of American wallets, not only in our grocery budgets but in all aspects of spending money on necessities.

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