Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Foodfair 03/23/10

Fresh Express Salad $1. Used $1 off Fresh Express Salad Kit from peelie. Total Free

Pepsi 20 oz. $1. Used $0.50 off Pepsi Max from peelie. Total Free

Doritos $1. Used Free Doritos WYB Pepsi Max. Total Free

2 McCormicks Dried Garlic Slices $1 each. Used (2) $1 off McCormicks from insert. Total Free

2 McCormicks Cinnamon Grinders $1 each. Used (2) $1 off McCormicks from insert. Total Free

* I paid $2.45 OOP. I knew something wasn't right. I took my bag out to the van and looked at my receipt.

I was charged $2.19 each for the McCormicks Cinnamon Grinders and they were clearly marked 5/$5. I took my receipt back in and showed him the mistake. He took the tag down and said it had the wrong UPC but they are suppose to be $1 each.

He was unsure of how to refund my money and discussed it with the mgr. I told them 3 seperate times that I had used (2) $1 off coupons and that they owed me $2.38. The mgr. said since I would have gotten it free with coupon, to refund the full purchase price. I told him again that was incorrect but they insisted upon giving me $4.38 back and they did. I felt a little guilty but I told them several times!

Anyways, I paid $2.45 initially and got back $4.38 in return!

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