Sunday, February 14, 2010

Swap Meet : UPDATE : Still ON !!!!


Angie is still hosting the swap meet and everyone is welcome. Hope you ladies have fun and think of me while you are trading secrets !!!!

Ladies, I sincerely apologize that I will not be able to make it today.

I am extremely disappointed but Evan is sick. He has been for a few days now. I was hoping he would be well enough but he is not. He is running a little bit of a fever and just cannot seem to stay off the toilet longer than 30 minutes. My mom has church this afternoon and my DD works.

I hope you will still meet without me and find it in yourself to understand the situation.

I will call the only ones I know who are active on this blog and you 3 already know who you are. LOL.

I hope you get together today. Even if you shoot the breeze for a few minutes. I would like us to schedule another swap for next week because I have alot of coupons I would like to share. I found a bunch of booklets at S. P. Foodfair with Coke Q's., Pepperidge Farm etc.

Hopefully we can get a routine going and hopefully I can be more reliable.

Again, I am sorry!!!

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