Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kroger 02/04/10

Kroger is killing my budget with this sale!!! I am going to have to a) get a bigger house or b) rent a storage unit. I literally have crammed and packed food where it has no right to be...LOL. This weekends project, rotate and donate!!!

I ran into Angie at Kroger and she gave me the 4 bags of M&M's. Why? Because she loves me...LOL. She said the fun size bags were marked $0.88 each and she used the $1/2 from insert. (Thanks Angie!). Although, I only had 10 items and she had 200, I decided to get behind her in line and chat. There was a lady behind us who was strumming her nails, huffing and puffing. She sarcastically asked me if I was having fun yet. I told her "Ofcourse, I don't mind to wait 20 minutes in line if it means saving $300!"

I'm not going to list everything I bought (44 items & $23 OOP) because it is old news to us all by now. Just an FYI on the Suave womens deodorant. They are $1 this week. Use the $0.50 off any Suave Deodoarant from insert and score those free!!!

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