Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm Over My Monthly Budget

So, I went over my monthly budget of $40 per week = $160/monthly. I went over by about $80 and normally I would not even reach my budget. There were a few contributing factors that I can immediately point out.

1) I don't really have a set budget. I just typically spend around $40/week and don't beat myself up if I go over.

2) I bought 10 extra papers here. I also added in this Sundays papers since it is the last day of the month.

3) I never go to Walmart and this month I have spent $56.74 in their store. Well, I can't say I never go. I do make a big Walmart trip maybe 3 times a year and I have never spent more than $50.

4) I spent too much OOP at CVS this month. $47.23 This doesn't particularly bother me, as I have a habit of sometimes rushing and not strategizing at CVS. I tend to do this every 3 or 4 months. Blasphemy!! I would NEVER do this at Kroger. I dunno why I do it with the easiest and most profitable store we have around. Go figure!


When I list the retail price of an item, I give you my purchase price. Although the Glade tins retail at $3, I listed them at the purchase price (clearanced at $1.74) in my Year To Date Expenditure Report. So, my retail values should in all honesty be a little higher but that would make way too much work...LOL. I also don't list retail vs. sale price. If they can put an item on sale today for $2, that's all I'm gonna pay. When it's $4 next week, they don't want my money. Stock Up!!

This month I have spent a total of $240 OOP and according to my calculations the retail value is over $1000.

How do you think you fared this month?


Everyone knows I am no fan of Walmart. I shopped there for years because I just didn't know any better. And if you don't know how to coupon, I agree that Walmart is your best option for saving money.

Let's take this months Expenditure Report as my example for why I don't like Walmart.

I spent $56.74 OOP at Walmart on $221 worth of goods. YET, I spent only $30 more at Kroger on $517 worth of goods. That is double the amount of food and household goods for half the money!

If I run out of something important or needed, I do tend to stop at Wmart or a local grocer such as FoodFair. STOCK UP!!



I only bought 2 gallons of milk this month. We don't drink alot of milk, I would say the majority goes in my coffee. I buy milk when it's on sale at Aldi's. It will typically go on sale for $1.50 a gallon at least once a month. I buy 2, sometimes 3. I always buy Vitamin D (same price) and pour a little off the top and stick it in the deep freezer. Milk freezes just fine!!! The plastic container will pop out of shape when frozen but pops right back into shape when thawed! To thaw, I take it out of the freezer and set it in the sink for a few hours. I leave some ice and set it in the fridge. Cheese and butter also freeze just fine!!

What are some tips you use or are now utilizing to save money?

**This weekend I am going to put up a poll about starting a coupon swap and/or coupon train. Please be sure to vote and leave some input so that we can get the ball rolling on sharing unwanted/unused coupons!!

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