Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tiger Woods

So, I have a funeral tomorrow. My best friend from my teen years, her grandfather passed away. Although I am not as close to her as I once was, we keep in touch, sorta, in a distance kind of way. We live only minutes apart.

But life being the way it is I took one path, decided somewhere along the way to turn right, jumped back on the freeway and she was already on the path she has kept since high school. I was always the unpredictable one. There has never been any harsh words between us, just a kind of mutual unspoken seperation.

Long gone is the camaraderie, charades and silliness of our youth. We replaced it with responsibility, fatigue, children and the list goes on.

Where does the exhiliration of youth go? Is it napping? If so, I must be hibernating.

Nonetheless, she gets my pagan ham, I hope I can replace b/c Aldi's was OUT today and I refuse to pay $30 for a ham I can get for $11. I made a cheese ball too...why not.

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