Thursday, December 3, 2009

Extra $10 Free For Your Change

We have all seen the Coinstar machine that will count your change and spit out a receipt for you to cash in at customer service. Did you know they charge a whopping 10% or close to it if you change it in for cash?

Did you know that if you exchange it for a gift card it's free?

As an added bonus you can exchange $40 in change on a gift card and get an extra $10 free. But hurry this offer expires 12/06/09. See here for details.

If you are planning on spending the money this holiday season at any of the participating retailers, it is worth visiting your bank if you don't have change and exchanging it for the gift card.

The extra $10 comes basically as a rebate. The rules state here that once you exchange your $40 in coins for the gift card, it also prints out a claim form for the $10 holiday bonus.

It is a limit of 1 per household. Last year I did this once here and once using my moms address.

You can view participating Gift Card & eCertificate retailers here, which include but are not limited to Amazon, CVS & Old Navy.

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