Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Walgreens 11/03/09

1st transaction:

3 Johnson & Johnson First Aid products $12. Used $1 off any J&J first aid product from insert and a $3/2 Smartsource machine coupon found at Kroger (no longer avail. locally). Received $8 RR's. Total Free

2 Glade 10 oz. Candles & 2 Reed Diffusers $4.99 each. Used (4) $3 off any 10 oz. candle or reed diffuser, Smartsource Machine coupon found at Kroger (also no longer avail. locally) Total $1.99 each. A tad too much for me but had some RR's I needed to spend and they were the big candles.

Kashi Go Lean Crunch $2.50. Used $3 off coupon Kashi mailed me and $0.50 overage was applied. Total profit $0.50

2nd transaction:

3 J&J First Aid products $12. Used $3/2 Smartsource Machine Q and $1 off from insert. Total free after $8 in Register Rewards!

I tried to buy another Kashi but my other $3 coupon wouldn't scan. The CS called for a manager and that chic actually told me that they would not accept my coupon because adjusting the price would constitute coupon fraud. I could buy the item for $2.50 but would not be allowed to use the $3 coupon. Which I might add went thru fine the first transaction. I won't go into boring details about the following conversation but I didn't really argue with her but I may have gotten a little loud. I mean, I probably embarassed myself a little bit but not so much that I won't be back :) In her defense she did offer to get a Store Manager and I knew he would be on my side but I didn't have the time to wait. I had to get "B" to work ON TIME or I could possibly face a little unwanted wrath at work. So, I will be taking my coupon back tomorrow. LOL. I know my coworker, who I shop with on Wednesdays, has at least $24 in RR's expiring tomorrow. She has been hounding me about when I was taking her back, since we skipped the trip last Wednesday to opt for a big Kroger expedition. So, we shall see who wins this battle.
Oh and Dee, as I was leaving I heard one of the chics say "The truck is here, wanna help unload". Hopefully they will have some stock in the morning. I really want some more of those J&J neosporin pads but didn't want to snatch the last 3 boxes. I got 2.
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