Saturday, November 28, 2009

Reversible Quilted Bubble Jacket

I talked Marv into taking me to Golden Corral for dinner and a friend called to see what our plans were for dinner, as he had his two children tonight and wanted to see what we were up to. We all went to Golden Corral, ate our fill and went to Walmart in Ashland.

Right through the front doors there were several racks of coats all $7. All girls, many sizes from childrens to plus. Our friend found one for his daughter and as we were browsing through the store we decided to stop in the boys department to see if we could find our sons a coat. Voila! Again, many styles and sizes to choose from. Here are the ones we bought. Our friends son is green camo/black, his daughter has the pink/blue and Evan's is the brown/camo.

Here are the coats we bought.

When we got home I decided to look at Walmart online and found them clearanced from $15 to $10 and the description said Reversible Quilted Bubble Jacket. So, $7 in store.

I didn't realize they were reversible! Holy cow! I wish I had bought one in every size! That's like $3.50 a coat!!! I have to go back! There is no way those coats will last long and I doubt South Point has any, it is such a small store.

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