Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Little Bit of Life Happens

So, I went to Kroger yesterday (5th Ave.) to buy the $0.25/lb. hamburger and the cashier did not double my coupon. I only bought one and paid $0.77 with tax. Still cheap 2 weeks ago I paid $0.78/lb. but I was so disappointed that I tried 1st. street on my way to taking "B" home and bought 2 more. Again, no doubling. This is still cheap if you haven't got in on it yet but I have 30 lbs. of beef now and can say I probably ruined it single handedly. Sorry, sorta.

I haven't heard anything from the neighbors, you know the ones from the bike vs. vehicle incident yesterday. I am hoping that means all is well. I was kinda sweatin' that one. The dad can be quite um unique.

I am still working the 2 extra days at work. I don't see how you guys do it anymore and some of you are older than me! And 2 extra days for me still only puts me at 35 hours. I feel frazzled and rushed.

Tonight I was at my moms, helping her with a craft. I hope to put up a pic in a couple of days but to give you a general idea it is this I made last year but in all blues with silver glitter. She is going to decorate her tree with them.

I got to make time for shopping. I need to make time to find a big enough box for all my dang coupons. I graduated from a picture box to a shoe box and now have a crap load of coupons I can't fit in my box! Again!

I haven't done a single mystery shop in months. I am kinda bummed out on that. Like I said, frazzled and rushed! I just don't feel like it. I would rather take a nap.

Life happens. Sometimes I wish it would just go a little slower. Or is it that I'm getting slower and life is still jogging along at the same pace? Is my life the story of the Turtle and the Hare? I am the turtle ofcourse. I had a good run in the beginning, pooped myself out and decided to nap. LOL. I needs my sleep ya'll!

I did happen to stop by Harbor Freight and snatched 4 of the free led flashlights, there was a coupon in the Sunday paper, free no purchase required. They rang up $7.99 each and they are bright! I have 2 more coupons to use on Friday! I wish I had bought more papers!

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