Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kroger 11/04/09

I hit up Kroger again today before this Mega Sale was gone. I did the $5 off 6 times ($0.50 off per item) I also bought 5 more of the $3.99 3lb. bags of chicken. If Kroger sales suck for the next couple of weeks, I am all set!

I am not going to list everything I bought, I'm tired and lazy tonight. My total before Q's was $168 and I paid $36 OOP on 68 items.

You shuda heard the lady behind me in line huffing, puffing and drumming her fingernails. Her husband (I assume) was with her and was keeping a count down of my total. His mouth hit the floor when my total popped up. I told them I was so sorry for taking up so much of their time and then they started apologizing to me !!! LOL
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