Monday, November 9, 2009

Coworker Frustration and All the Rest

So, I have this friend at work( we will call her Amy) whom I really like, we get along well and buddy up from time to time at our job. She is a little fickle and bitchy but I don't mind. It never really annoyed me or I just never paid much attention, as I always nod my head and just agree. No biggie.

I have picked up a couple of extra days at work, which puts me at 35 hours/week for the past few weeks and given my line of work, it can be a bit trying and stressful, taxing my patience and nerves to an almost violent outcome. I could never really be violent but I sure feel like smacking some people around sometimes and unfortunately I seem to be taking this frustration out on my loved ones, including myself.

Anyways, this friend I was referring to is not very well liked by others at work. Like I said she is the bitchy fickle sort and I don't really have to work with her, just around her. Another of my work friends (we will call her Jan) pointed out a few short comings of this other friend and now I find that I too am picking up on those things and she is totally getting on my nerves!!

I said something today to Jan that she completely ruined my relationship with Amy, that I too am finding her endless questions and bitchiness irritating and I wonder if she has picked up on it in some way. I don't feel like I am being short with her but there is a noticeable difference in how much attention I am paying to her and today she came to work expressing the need to be off the rest of the week, that she just doesn't even feel like being there.

I talked to Marv yesterday and he too is having coworker irritation and he too was keeping the brunt of that irritation reserved for me. It is hard to leave things at work when you so desperately need to vent irritation.

Today, while I was at work a coworker and I were driving down 5th Avenue when we had to stop at a red light. I rolled my window down and told a guy sitting on the corner that I was on the "Cash Cab" and needed help answering a question. It was awesome and ofcourse you had to be there. I almost peed my pants.

I think I am going to go vent some frustration on some Euchre. Ya'll have a good day now ya hear?
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