Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bagel Bites $0.79

I stopped by Sav-A-Lot today to use my $5 off coupon on the 5 for $20 meats and noticed they had Bagel Bites (9ct.) for $1.79. I bought 5 and used (5) $1 off coupons from the Smart Source machine at Kroger. I priced these at Kroger today and the 9 ct. was $2.89. I paid $0.79 each. Heckuva deal! I didn't have ALOT of time to see what all national brands they had that we might have or could get coupons for but I did ask them if they double coupons and that was a no go. Oh well, I am still pretty pleased they accepted all my coupons! I did notice they had the Hormel Compleats for $1.99 and we get alot of coupons for them from the All You Mag. I have a few for the $1 off and will use them if we don't see the $2 off come out anytime soon.

I found some more $0.50 off Lipton tea at Speedway. I also snagged some $0.50 off Propel Water they had. I am desperately searching for more of the Buy a 20 oz., get a 2 liter free (Sunkist, A&W, Canada Dry). I snagged a whole bunch from Speedway months ago and cannot find anymore and I have only 6 or 7 left. If you see some grab 'em & share!

I was at my clients house this morning and got a call from Evan's school at 9 a.m. He was puking and running a slight fever. I tryed to call my boss to see if she could take my client to work but she did not answer. I was a little ticked. She never answers or returns calls. You know you don't. Hell, she went on vacation to the beach and I had no idea. I tryed to call her at the office twice before someone clued me in. What boss goes on vacation and doesn't at least tell her staff she is out of town? Really, who does that? Anyway, my mom was able to get him (thank goodness she doesn't leave for my brothers until tomorrow) and I stewed on it all day. I went to the office and my best friend, which is my bosses boss, says to me, "I'm sorry I missed your call this morning." I said, "I called you?" She said, "Yes." I said, Well no wonder "R" didn't answer her phone, I was super pissed." And "R" laughed it off with me and told me she was so busy she didn't take her phone home with her anyways. Go figure.

I called Des tonight to see how her Florida trip is going and she is not fairing so well. To make a long story short, she flew with a friend to Florida, who has family in Clearwater. They rent a beach bouse each Thanksgiving and she was invited. She said they go to the beach house tomorrow BUT last night and tonight they had to stay at the grandmothers with no electricity, food and I guess no money. She said her friend has had to pay for everything. So far, what she knows is that the beach house has not been paid for and her friend forked out $200 today on the beach house and they told her she will have to fork out more money. WTF? Should this not all have been taken care of already? What kind of family waits for their teenage daughter to arrive and pay for all their needs/wants. B.S. I told Des there is a reason why an 18 year old girl doesn't live in Florida with her mom and now you know why.

Anyways, I gave Des $80 last night and asked how much she had. She said she was good. She has $180. I checked with Allegiant Air and I can fly her out Friday to Greenville SC to my brothers (where my mom will be going) for $30 but would fly her out tomorrow ($80) if the beach house fell through. What a teenage dramatic mess! If it comes to her flying out sooner, it is my hope that Allegiant Air will let her switch her ticket AND give her some compensation back for her ticket home but if not I guess she will chalk this one up as a hard and expensive lesson learned!

I got paid today, which was a nice little suprise! And my mom made Kuchen! Yummy!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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