Thursday, March 12, 2009

Random Musings

Well, Evan is still sick. I took him to the doctor, they put him on Zithromax and wrote him an excuse for the whole week. I had them make a copy for me too, maybe it will soften the blow with my boss when I call off again tomorrow. Sorry R.P.! She is gonna love me even more when I tell her I will only work 1 a week this summer. I have always done this. I refuse to pay $100 a week for daycare, when I only work 3 days a week. That and the fact that my man will not let Evan go to daycare. I even offered to pick up the 2 extra days to cover the cost. Although I was a bit disappointed, I was not suprised and I knew it wouldn't fly. Anyways, if I work 1 day a week, I will only have to bug my mom or daughter to watch him 2 days a month. Marv works 8 days on, 6 days off. So, he will be home every other Friday.

I need to get to Kroger but just cannot seem to squeeze in the time. Well, not that I need too. We have enough food here to survive, at the very least, 2 months! I just hate to pass up great bargains! Oh well, maybe Evan will feel up to a little adventure tomorrow, now that he has some antibiotics in him. He seems completely fine now, other than the constant cough. He is a typical 5 year old, can't sit still even if he vomits, poops hisself and runs a temperature. I would be doing as little as I could get by with! He is playing trains and coughing right now!

I have a teaching coupon shopping day next week with a couple girlfriends from work. Apparently higher education just isn't what it use to be since the girls can't read! Joking ofcourse, they are my best friends. They just need a little "hands on" approach to saving money. It is my pleasure ofcourse and I so look forward to an adults only, no boys allowed date with my friends.

Well, Evan wants to play a game together. Let's see what it is real quick. Oh, he said it's not a game, he wants to look at train magazines! TTYL!! HAGD all!
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